Friday, October 31, 2008

1st time in the Hospital :(

So a lot has happened already since my last post...

1st, no more maid/yaya. She said that the real Mommy of her adopted child (back in Mindanao) is trying to get her baby back from her. oh the drama (which I doubt is even real btw)! Anyway, whatever, we're better off without her anyway.

Thing is after she left, Mikel started vomiting. We had him checked with the doctor (a different one since we panicked that night cause Mikel refused to eat or drink too). The doctor said it was Dyspepsia. The next day, Mikel started pooping too! It was watery, yellowish and smelled fishy! So we rushed him to his Pedia at once. She suspected it might be from the water we used to bathe him. She said he might have drank some. And he got confined on that day right after the check up (Oct 25). It was the first time he got confined in the hospital. aww :(

We have Healthcard (Intellicare) for Mikel so money was not a worry (Thank God). But there wasn't any room available so we had to stay in the ward for a couple of days. It was hard sharing a room with 4 other families. Babies were crying (although Mikel cried the loudest and the most number of times too! [hehe our room mates didn't get enough sleep cause of us]), Nurses and Doctors were coming in and out of the room almost every 5 mins and there wasn't any TV to entertain Mikel so he won't be kulit to want to go down the bed (well, we brought portable DVD, which eventually broke after a few days).

I just had to get the TV and ref inside a private room for us, so I made sure they prioritazed us (cause there was a list of all the people who wants to be tranferred to a private room if there was a vacancy, and on that list we were number 16! Haha!). From a Number 16 on the 1st day, we were still at number 12 on the 2nd day! So I insisted our doctor to move us up! and I hung out at the admitting desk so they'll really be pressured to find a room for us. Mama Cay went to the rooms and made the nurses work faster so that we can finally move! And we did, on the 2nd day! Finally! :)

And I thought I would get enough rest when we moved to a private room! I was wrong, nurses still kept coming in most of the time, but yeah, this was better than when we were in the ward. :)

Oh I forgot to tell you that the nurses were having a hard time putting the IV. They said they couldn't find a vein, Oh no! But they did eventually on his right hand, but then later on the vein collapse and Mikel's hand got swollen. They had to try again on his right foot! So Mikel had his IV on his foot that's why we had a hard time cause the wires kept on twisting around his body cause he was so gulo especially when he was sleeping. He would toss and turn looking for a comfy position to sleep.

When the results came, he turned out to have e.coli bacteria in his tummy. Maybe cause of the water nga. I really don't know, so now we have to boil the water he's gona bathe in just to be sure. Plus we have to be extra careful when handling him, so alcohol always after changing nappies. And we sterilized all his things already.

We just got home awhile ago (Oct 31). Spent my whole Sembreak vacation in the hospital! But it's ok, at least I got to spend it with Mikel ;) but I'm glad to be back home!

Some pictures:


On a lighter note:

Have I told everyone that Mikel sings "Baby Beluga"?
He says.. "Duda, duda, duda"

Also we have this book and Count from Sesame Street is in it. It says "One blue burst, Two red ripples, Three purple pinwheels, etc" And we read it to him imitating Count's voice with an "Ah, ah, ah" after every sentence.
He now also says "Two :gibberish: Ah, ah,ah.."
so cute!


Kuya Kevinsaid...

Nice blog :)


yeah, hirap pag nahospital ung baby.. hope he is fine now.. btw, I am also hosting a giveaway at my new site sweetytots a 3pc Musical Intrument set. Perfect for your Mikel. Please join here


my daughter was hospitalized as well back in early oct. same thing as mikkel, vommiting and watery stools. turns out it's rotavirus. there's no available room so we had to upgrade to whats being covered by the healthcard.

Mommy Carasaid...

us too, and there weren't any available rooms even VIP suites! so no choice but ward


hello mommy Cara =)

I hope baby Mikel is better now! Good thing you have intellicare. We have intellicare too but am not sure if it covers confinement.

btw care to exchange links. I am a soon to be mom!