Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's About Time.

It's about time I start a blog about being a Mommy to my Kulit baby boy Mikel Christopher.

So before anything else, let me recap what happened in the past 9 months:

Mikel's Ultrasound at 2months

hang in there baby

I gave birth on June 12, 2007 to a 6.5pound baby boy thru Cesarean Section in Medical City Muntinlupa.
I had no signs of giving birth yet and it was my due date already. So my OB asked me to get an Ultrasound to check on the baby. Turns out that there was a coil wrapped on my baby's neck and he also might eat his own poop na So he really needs to get out of my tummy na.
So I was induced. and eventually had a CS coz my baby's hand was reached up (meaning if we pushed thru normal delivery his hand will be the one that comes out first and it might get broken or something)

anyway just read more about it here

If you also want to read about my pregnancy then click here

Mikel's photo while he was in the nursery

The first few months were exhausting cause of the sleepless nights and the endless crying (Mikel was a colicky baby then, always crying especially at around 5-6pm)
My "Hubby" and I don't live together yet so that makes it extra hard for me being the only one who has installment sleep.. and plus I was having post-partum depression (I know some Mommies fake it to get extra attention, but mine was real and it lasted for a few months too)
I took my frustration and depression out on my Hubby (sorry sweetie) Thank God that he was is patient and understanding naman.

first family picture

So many months have passed. First Smiles, First roll over, First time to Sit and to Crawl, and a lot of other firsts have been made. It's true what they say mas nakakapagod kapag nakaka walk na si baby or not naman walk kahit crawl and cruise lang. Especially when your baby wants to move around and play lagi!

first time I gave him a bath

two months

three months

four months

five months

six months
seven months

eight months

nine months

I regret is not being able to breastfeed. I had little supply of milk, and because of my depression and frustration (everytime Mikel tries to breastfeed he kicks my tummy-my "tahi" to be exact, and it hurts so bad) I didn't try my very best to drink whatever pills I should be taking or eat whatever food I should be eating to increase my milk supply.

Another regret I have is not being able to track his milestones and not inouting details in the baby book. That's why I decided to create this blog. See I'm more of an Online blogging type of person rather than the good old "Scrapbook"y type.

I can't really describe how it feels being a Mum. It's Mixed Emotions. I am Happy ECSTATIC that I have Mikel; eventhough he is the cause of my sleepless nights, my headaches, my messy self and my scratched nose! He makes me Happy. He defines my purpose in Life. He is my everything. *oops baka magselos si Hubby. hehe!



Hi i just wanted to say you have a beautiful family. But if you can some how contact me i would love to share some info about this girl stealing your photos and saying that your little boy is hers. My email is thank you.