Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reklamo cries

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm actually typing this with my eyes halfway closed. I am still so sleepy, but Mikel cried and cried awhile ago. He wants Mommy to wake up already.

I hate it when I wake up hearing cries. It's been like this for days now. Before I wake up to Mikel's saliva and screaming (excited screams) which is okay compared to reklamo cries.

Some back post:

curious much?

Pizza Monster!
(BTW, He doesn't eat pizza pa, just Spaghetti. Tinakam lang namin)

Til my next post! :)



kawawa si mikel tinakam ng pizza hehe parang kagat na kagat na sya dun sa pizza :P d ba nagalit o nagulat na biglang d pala nya yun kakainin? hehe.

Mommy Carasaid...

pagkatake namin ng picture eh bigay agad kami sa kanya g spaghetti! hehehe. baka kasi umiyak eh :P