Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Couture Diaper Bags

Time for another review.

Tired of all those cartoon character or yaya looking diaper bags out there? If you are then Baby Couture is for you.

I immediately went to Rustans in ATC to buy me one of those cutsie bags. And I was so excited to buy that I even bought the pink one (see pic) cause no blue bag was available at the time I was there.

Sadly, after 2 months or less the strap broke. And I didn't want to buy another Baby Couture cause of the fear that it will break easily again ( A lot of other Mommies have been giving bad feedbacks about it as well) So for quite sometime I was back to yaya looking diaper bags once more. Until recently when I bought a Girbaud bag online (not really a diaper bag, but it has all these compartments perfect for my baby's things).

Anyway, After I bought my new bag I found out that you can replace your broken Baby Couture bag in any of their Store owned branches! Even without the receipt! And you can even replace it with a different design! (of course you'd have to pay extra if the bag you want is much more expensive than what you had before) cool huh? SO I guess I can exchange my old pink Baby Couture to a Blue one. Yey! I guess they're doing damage control cause of bad reviews about the quality of their bags. Love them for doing it! Hehe!

Haven't exchanged my bag from Baby Couture yet cause I don't have time to go to Glorietta. Wish they have a store owned branch somewhere near my place.

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> I'll notify my staff that you'll be coming in soon. Thanks.
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