Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dear Papa, from your Little Girl

This Week's Topic: Father's Day Special.
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I'm actually torn about making this post about my Father or My Hubby.. since I don't get to see my Father that often (Hubby naman I see everyday and I tell him I love him everytime), I'm gonna make a letter for my Father :)

To my Father:

Dear Papa,

I was staring at my computer screen a few seconds ago trying to figure out how to put into words what I wanted to say to you. I Miss You, a whole lot! I wish we spent more time together. I just realized that I rarely saw you ever since my College days (maybe even before that), and I regret that so much. It was so easy to call you or to come over (even if you're at the other end of Manila), but I chose to be with friends. I'm glad you're coming over to see your apo Mikel. I don't want him to not know you cause you have been are my confidante and my friend. You give me great advices and you taught me how to be optimistic. You always motivate me when I'm down and push me when I'm feeling hopeless. You are my sunshine! You always lighten up my day ever since I was a kid (baduy but I mean it).
Thanks for trying to get everything I want (I may be unreasonable sometimes, but you still try your best to get it for me). I just wanted to make sure you know how sorry I am for being such a spoiled brat sometimes.
Give my love to Allyson, Alliana and Lean. Tell em that their Big Sister loves them and misses them so much! I hope they know what a wonderful father you are!
Wishing you all the best! Hope one day we can finally both go to Spain together (ikaw muna then I'll visit you there, hehe!).
I Love You!

Your Little Girl,
Cara :)

*You guys might wanna check out my dad's song for me-Butterfly Kisses

I get all teary eyed everytime I hear the song. Might have it played on my wedding;)



Oh thats a nice entry and words for a father.

Pinay WAHMsaid...

That's a very nicely written letter to your Papa.


Mommy Carasaid...

Thanks Genny and Juliana!

I feel pa nga thats not enough eh like there's a lot more that I wanna say but couldn't put into words. hehe! I will email this to him on Fathers Day. :D


Hello Cara, It's me, kate/katelove's, I just send my reply here since i can't send it on your shout box. I already added you as "CARA" Thanks for adding me.
That a very Nice letter!
have a great week and take care.

Pinay Mommysaid...

i like that song. it's very sweet.

Mommy Carasaid...

@kate: Thanks :)

@Pinay mommy: yeah it is so sweet. wish I could find a song for my baby boy that's equally sweet:) hehe!


lucky you have still a father. Having a baby , makes your father happy.
Padalaw ha? dalaw ka rin sana sa akin . Ingat


this is really sweet cara... :)


wow! great letter! naiyak ako! hehe!! :)