Saturday, June 7, 2008

SM Southmall.: Kiddie Carts and Boxing

I insisted that we go to SM Southmall today so we could try the Kiddie carts. Mikel and I window shopped while hubby worked out in Elorde.

We ate in PizzaHut!

Mikel looks big na in this pic!

Then we got a Kiddie cart

But he fell asleep in it! Haha!

So we exchanged it for a stroller, so he would be comfy while sleeping.

When he woke up we tried the f1 remote control car (which we loved!)

and he crawled after his new girlfriend. hehe!

We exchanged the stroller back to another kiddie cart, but a different one.
A police car naman this time!

After hours of strolling...

Mommy and Mikel are tired na. Time to go home! :)