Saturday, October 18, 2008

*Burp* Excuse me! Mikel Updates.

I couldn't find time to update my blog anymore. It's either I'm too busy or I'm too sleepy.

Mikel is so hyper! All he wants to do is run run run and play play and then play some more, then maybe read books a little. He;s so tiring! And to top it off he doesn't want to sleep! He kept on sleeping at around 3am for a couple of days now. He slept at 10pm tonight. Mommy's hoping he won't wake up in a couple of hours to play til 3am! (That's what he did last night).

Anyway, Mikel can't say Mommy yet. but he can say "Excuse me" after he burps. :)
He still can't talk really, all he does is mumble and talk "alien talk" all day. I'm hoping he'll talk soon. Well, at least say Mommy already! :)

He's also beginning to take interest in other children.

See this picture:

That was taken a few days ago. The other child in the picture is My co-Teacher's daughter Maya. Mikel kept on following her! They're so cute! :)

Til next update! (:

Oh, BTW, we have a maid na. Not a Yaya. But a maid (Alma) :) Mama Cay will still be the one taking care of Mikel while I'm at work, while Alma will cook and clean :) and maybe if she stays with us for a long time, she might be upgraded to Mikel's yaya when we move out :)