Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 3 – Me and My friends

This is my 4th yr HS Barkada. We are called :"Chippypol" coz of our hang out place back in Highschool (Chippy Place). This pic was taken last April 2012. Been a long time since I have been with friends. I miss them so much! But out of all my friends, these people are the ones I see most often.

This is my Highschool barkada. Can't remember wcen this was taken, probably circa 2010. Other than this time (time of the pic), last time I saw them was back in Highschool!

Here are some of my friends from College. (Photo taken June 2010, Mikel's 3rd Birthday, probably the last time I saw most of them). The girl in pic is one of my very bestfriends. She's in Australia now.

Miss my friends so much! Everyone's been too busy. And of course with their new sets of friends too. I'm busy with Wifey/Mommy duties. Planning on hanging out with them more, inviting friends over more.



At least, you get to see them once in a while. I miss getting together with my high school friends. Good looking group by the way.

Jessica Cassidysaid...

I miss my high school and college friends as well Sis :-) I see some the last time when were in Pinas with my daughter :-) Enjoy your friends Sis while they are close to you :-) Dropping by from the 3rd day of blog challenge :-)


Such pretty friends! I do understand that for the age group like ours, especially those who are already mom's and dad's, we tend to be concentrating more on our family life. But when get-togethers comes, diba mas exciting? Tons of laughters and never ending chikahan! :)

Mommy Carasaid...

Hey Everyone Thanks for dropping by!

I feel nga na sila may mga ibang set of friends na, na lagi nila kasama. but ako, since stay at home mom ako, wala ko new friends. sila kasi sa mga work nila.