Thursday, February 5, 2009

Close to 1yr and 8 months

So Mikel it's about to turn 1 yr 8 months already.
How time flies!

He looks like a big boy already but still doesn't talk. There were some words that he would say but then forget about them after a week more or less. But I can hear his effort naman cause he keeps on talking "alien" language or as Lola likes to call it "Nagsasalita ng Hapon".

He laughs a lot though (well, with Me, Manny and Mamu) cause I guess Mikel is suplado with others. But once he warms up with you, be sure to get ready to see him smile or laugh :)

He still likes Mickey Mouse and Spaghetti. And now he likes French Fries a lot! He started to eat chocolate too. I tried to give him na before but he didn't like it at all. but suddenly he wanted na now. But we rarely give him sweets though.

His fave toy is his toy car which Mamu bought for him a few days ago (it's a yellow and red car matchbox type car but a little bigger lang). He "drives" it around everywhere!

His fave book is still "I Love You Forever". There was a time when he make me read that to him everynight and over and over. If I try to read another book, he'll close the book and cry. Now he's ok with a different book everynight na.

Everytime he eats. he likes it when we say "Stronger, bigger and lots of Muscles." <--with actions pa.

He loves the song "Slippery Fish, Oh no..." and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle".

He got tired of "Mr. Sun" na ata.

He still runs around. but he plays with his toys more now. Before kasi he just holds one toy and then run around with it. He likes the hammer and ball toy that we gave him for Christmas. He would really smash with all his might! Haha!

He knows how to make drama na. He would make himself cry and then check slowly if you're looking at him! It's so funny!

That's it for now. I have to make Mikel get ready for bed already :)