Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mommy Cara in WorkingMom Mag

Remember my post HERE?

Finally! It's out! :)'s actually for PMC :)

Mommy Ruby asked me if it's ok that I be interviewed about PMC for a certain mag. I didn't say yes at first cause I was busy with work and Mikel, but I eventually changed my mind thinking that this might really be a good experience and a few hours of my time isn't so hard to give :)

After having a conference with the other Mommies who will be with me in the interview/shoot (Mommy Aerin and Mommy Charm), I got really excited. I suddenly can't wait for the shoot!

So Shoot day came (September 9, 2008). Shoot was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Bonifacio High Street. So right after work (1pm) I went home, ate lunch, had a quick shower then left na for the fort. I took a shuttle to Ayala in Mcdo Sucat then met with Manny in Shell (the one in Makati na dun sa daan papuntang Fort, I'm clueless with names of places, sorry. haha)
Basta arrived na in CBTL around 4:20pm ata when meeting time was 4pm. Haha!

It was cool when we got there. There were cool lights and there was a makeup artist pa! feeling artista ang dating! Hahaha!

Ms. Rowanda Lei was really friendly and very warm to talk to, so there wasn't any problem with the interview part. The Photographer was also cool. He would also laugh at our jokes and make some jokes himself too, that made us very comfortable working with him.

After the Interview/Shoot, we just couldn't wait to see the result! :)

Some behind the scene pics:

More info and pics HERE



Mommy Cara, hehe.. ang cute mo dyan.. buti kp, ako anlaki braso haha


mommy cute mo nga talaga dyan...ako laki likod heheheheh....


Pretty kayong tatlo, mga sis! Sana may stock na ng W.M. dito sa amin. :)

~Mama Sheryl