Thursday, October 2, 2008

'FunRanch'ing on a Holiday

While Mama Cay and Lolo Bob were at South SuperMarket, Mikel and I went to Fun Ranch cause lately Mikel insists on going out. He would get his shoes and tug on the stroller. So wawa naman, bored at home.

I let him play there for an hour. Then we ate meryenda. :)
He had a free balloon pa! The first one he got was a blue sword but it popped (wawa, he cried). Then I got him a baloon again (yellow sword this time).

He loved the Big Keyboard this time (before was the pool of balls). He just couldn't stop walking over the keys.

We also went to the 2nd level this time. Mommy got a bit scared of heights haha! That's why we didn't stay long there.

Maybe next time we'll try to go on the third level. :scared:

Mikel really enjoyed it there! He didn't even want to leave yet but we had to cause our 1 hour was up.

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