Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweetie's still in the hospital :(

Sweetie's confined in the Hospital (LPDH) for 1 week already!
I forgot what name of sickness, but it has something to do with his throat being swollen (or maybe the tonsils or something). It's nothing serious, just that he had fever for almost a week and the swollen part is still swollen til now. I think he'll be confined for another day or two, just so he could continue getting antibiotics (straight from IV kasi). And besides he won't be able to work naman since he can't talk well and in his work all he does is talk on the phone.
I know he misses Mikel sooo much. He hasn't seen him for over a week! Awww. :(

UPDATE: He's out now! :) (08/21/08 Thurs)


Mommy Rubysaid...

good thing mommy cara is around! ^_^

Mommy Carasaid...

Haha! I wish I can be at three places at the same time nga eh. 1) with him in the hospital 2) with Mikel at home ..and 3) at work! ... Hahaha!