Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mikel's first day of School!

Toddlers Unlimited , Alabang (Festival Mall)
Purple Room, Saturday Class.

He loved it!

During freeplay, he just kept on walking and walking and taking out toys in its basket. And he's holding pa a banana or a knife!!! He loves the knife! He was holding it almost the whole freetime. (uh-oh Mikel, Mommy's scared hehe).

He didn't want to do art (it was painting using that rolling thing). He just wanted to hold the toy camera the whole art time.

He loved the romp! He was playing with the windows of the little tikes house. (playing peek-a-boo with it). After romp he cried casue I had to take the purple hoop from him (casue bawal ilabas).

Then came snack time, naku... he grabbed his classmate's graham crackers and yakult! Haha! He just ate and ate this Fita and drank his juice. Everyone was done eating na, he was still eating. I had to eat the remaining two fita biscuits so that he'll stop eating na! (cause no more time eh).

At storytime he was listening at first, and all his classmates weren't. (I know he loves storytelling, he loves it here at home when I read him a story eh). But during the end part of the story he wanted to play na rin like his classmates.

It was fun! Sana pwede ba ulit next week. Hehe! The deal was kasi pag meron pang slots eh pwede pa si mikel for free, but pag kulang na slots then di na.

I got to bring home Mikel's art pala. Which wasn't really his work kasi he didn't want to even try. Parang there were blots of paint lang cause he was crying and wanted to get out of there kaya nalagyan ng paint yung paper haha! I'll try to take a pic of it later :)

Ready for School!

On the way to school!

Holding the knife I told you about

During snack time

More pics HERE



hi mommy cara...ask ko lang saang school mo dinala si mikel?ilang taon na po ba sya? I want to send to school my little girl na din..thanks

Mommy Carasaid...

Hi! sa Toddler Unlimited in Alabang yan (inside Festival mall, 4th floor) Mikel is 1 yr 2 months pa lang :) nagaaccept sila dun as young as 9months ata. basta they want yung naglalakad na.:)


ah ganun ba...galing naman...tanung ulit?how much is the price naman? yung girl ko pwde na kaso yung little boy ko di pa naglalakad eh....

Mommy Carasaid...

yung sa 1-2 yrs old meron silang once a week classes. bale 5k for 8 sessions.

Meron din 2x a week, 3x a week,, and sa older meron 5x a week. dunno how much nga lang haha! ilang taon ba daughter mo? i can inquire for you :)


my daugther is 3years son is 10months pero di pa sya naglalakad.thanks for info mommy ha

Mommy Carasaid...

NP! naku ako dun ako sa 3 yr old class. enroll mo daughter mo, baka maging teacher niya ko haha!:)