Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uh-oh, Sleeping while Eating.

Uh-Oh Mikel caught sleeping while eating Spaghetti!

This was yesterday, when I left Mikel with Mama Cay while I went to work. Mama Cay said she also caught Mikel picking his nose that day (which I caught also the night before, and put his finger in his mouth after eeww! Haha).

BTW, I was reading my blog posts and I realized I never blogged about Mikel saying "Circle" and "Dirty". So I'll document it now. Mikel said Circle the 2 Wednesdays ago. He kept on saying it for the whole week! Then said Dirty last week and forgot about Circle. He kept on saying Dirty for a couple of days.

He doesn't say Daddy anymore. But he did say it once a few days ago while watching Playhouse Disney (It was a commercial about Mummy and Daddy).

I wonder when he'll say Mommy...