Saturday, July 19, 2008

1st day at Toddlers + Dark Knight

with Erika at Toddlers

On the way to watch Dark Knight

More Pics HERE

Had a very fun but tiring day today (but still I am up blogging about it. Haha!).

Today was my first day trial at Toddlers. The Children were extra kulit today compared to the last time I was there. And it was Alexis' Birthday! That's why the kids were extra excited and extra hyper. But I had fun eventhough I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.

My sweetie fetched me from work. We were hoping that Mama Cay would let us watch The Dark Knight today, since we've been anticipating for it for months now. Since she woke up early to take care of Mikel when I was at work, we didn't think she'd say yes. Maybe she realized how important it is for us to watch it this weekend (lol. how pathetic. haha!).

So we just stayed for a few minutes at home before leaving again for the movies. And didn't really get to spend time with Mikel cause had to get things ready for Mama Cay and had to sort the laundry.

We bought the 9:15pm showing cause that was the earliest one that could fit our budget. lol
Got home around 12:30-1am.

I need to finish my daily routine before going to bed and then it's time for my ZzZz's

Goodnight! =x