Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mikel's Wackiest Photo

Can't decide on what to post so I put all three together.
These are Mikel's wackiest far. I bet his photos will be wackier and wackier each month/year.

The photo to the left: Mikel playing with his Shape Sorter. He got it right.. Circle goes to the mouth! Haha! (Blogged about it HERE).

Upper Right Photo: Mikel wanted to feed himself, but ended up playing with his spoon. (Blogged about it HERE).

Lower Right Photo: Went inside his playpen for some picture fun! Snapped pics of Mikel while I make him laugh with my silly sounds.

This post is for PMC's Weekly Fest. Thanks to Pinaywifespeaks.



ay mommy cara! the best is mikel with the shape sorter...parang inocent...pero goofy! hehehehe

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey


love the one with the shape sorter too.. parang ang pilyo.. he'd be a heartbreaker pag big na sya ang wafu ng eyes eh..

Mommy Carasaid...

Thanks zriz and pinaywife! :) hehe!
nako meron pang pic naman yung ohlong naman na shape ang nakapasok sa mouth! although yan ang pinili kong ipost kasi hawak niya pati yung shapesorter na ball.


me i love the pics na naka blue si baby at nakapikit...parang ang naughty smile pero sweet, sarap pupugin ng halik, heheheh


haha!.. he's so cute.. I remember my younger brother when he's in the same age!..

ღ Joymhrdy ღsaid...

LOL! kids always love to taste the blocks! hehehe Cute photos mommy!

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