Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7 Facts About Mommy Cara

Got tagged by Mighty in Spirit.

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Since this blog is about being a Mommy to Mikel. I'll give 7 facts about me being a Mommy then. Hehe!

1. I'm 23. Not yet married but Engaged to my loving Sweetie. Still living with parents, Sweetie not living with us. Will move out and live with him when we get married: I hope on 09.09.09.
2. I regret not being able to breastfeed.I didn't try hard enough.
3. I am a Stay-at-Home Mum but have applied for a preschool teacher at Toddlers Unlimited. Final Interview is tomorrow. Wish me luck!
4. I still don't know how to cook. I'm trying. So far I only know how to make Tuna fettuccine! Haha! and all the instant stuff which is bad for Mikel.
5. When I turn on my TV, it's always on Playhouse Disney.
6. I love Kissing and Hugging Mikel. He hates it. Hehe!
7. I love being a Mommy!

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Mommy Rubysaid...

hello mommy, thanks for tagging me. but i already done this and i was the one who tagged mommy elvz. hehehe...

check mine at blessings and beyond! God bless and thanks for remembering me.

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Mommy Carasaid...

Haha yeah. saw it nga after I tagged you. OK lang. didn't do it for the tag naman talaga. Really wanted to blog about me naman haha


hi sweetie! tagged you here

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Pinay WAHMsaid...

HI Mommy Cara...

Salamat sa tag. Will try to do it as soon as I get the chance.