Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mikel ate dirt

Mikel ate dirt today! Hahaha! I was too late. He put this sand/dirt from the plant pot in our garden in his mouth! I got it out before he could swallow it, buti na lang.

Mama Cay said that's proof that he's not a baby anymore, but a toddler!

Anyway, I went to the interview today. It went okay. Just okay hehe. I was really nervous and I think It kind of showed. So they let me observe classes today and participate na rin but I'm not sure if I got the job or not. Maybe It's still part of the "interview". And tomorrow they asked me to prepare something like a game or an activity for the kids. I will also read a story to them. Met the kids today and they're great! Nakakagigil! Wish I could just hug them all!
I wish I 'll get the job. Haay. Hope I'll do good tomorrow.


Ella Arime Starsaid...

GOOD LUCK!!! I'll pray that you get the job.