Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a fun filled Kids playhouse Celtics day!

Went to festival today with Mama Cay. While she was having her haircut, Mikel and I window shopped and then hung out at Kids Playhouse (well, I'm not really sure of its name. haha!). Mikel had fun there although he didn't really played with the toys. He just walked and walked there. I made him go inside the balls area (dunno what it's called haha), loved it there as well but his love for walking is far more greater than anything so got him out to walk again. We also ate in Mcdonalds. Mikel had his fave...Spaghetti!

Since the Celtics won..made him wear his Celtics shirt!
and btw, just realized that he must love green.. cause if you look at the pics he's holding both green colored toys (he personally picked them out of a bunch of other colored toys).