Monday, April 14, 2008

Yaya in Pansol

Just got back from our Pansol trip with Manny's Team mates. (well kanina pa mga 3pm kami dumating but now lang umalis si Manny, so now lang nakacomputer).

Had Fun. I hope Mikel had fun rin. Yaya Inday was with us so she could take care of Mikel and I could enjoy naman myself and get to mingle with Manny's officemates.

Actually, at first I wasn't sure with Yaya Inday because she seems to love carrying Mikel too much. Aba! Ayaw nang ibalik sakin!! As in I had to beg her to give Mikel to me na (well not really beg but really insist). And when I'm asking Mikel to come to me (like when he's crawling), Yaya Inday would also ask him to come to her at that very same time (parang nakikipagkompitensya!) Although she was a big help talaga when we were in Pansol kasi had time naman for myself.

I'm giving her a month to prove herself. Bigyan ko na lang ng benefit of the doubt na baka nangangapa pa siya sakin and di pa niya alam kung ano mga gusto ko. which I'm trying to tell her naman.


Pinay WAHMsaid...

Hi Cara..

Been a while. Musta na?

Hope your week is going great...