Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No more Madamot Yaya

No more Yaya na si Mikel..again.

The yaya na madamot heard us ni Mama Cay talking about her so she decided to leave na lang. Gave Yaya her sweldo for the 10 days she worked for us.

So now, I dunno if I would get a new Yaya or just do everything Myself again.

I need a Yaya pa naman for Sunday, April 27. Coz its my hubby's birthday and eveything was planned na, but I dunno how I can go out without a yaya :(

Maybe you guys know someone who wants to apply as a Yaya.
Or any of my friends willing to babysit for one night? Haha!



Iwan mo si mikel samin,Gelo and I will take care of mikel.


buti naman wala na ung madamot na yaya. I was wondering when would you fire her eh.. hehe.. anyway, i hope you would be able to find another one. mahirap din pag wala eh :)

Mommy Carasaid...

thanks for the comment crizzy. yeah, actually not ure if I'm gona get a yaya. maybe I'll try ulit, pero I doubt kasi na may ok na yaya haha. alam mo naman sa panahon ngayon. lol