Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1 – A Recent Picture and 15 Interesting Facts About ME

Taken on Dec 31 2012 :) NYE. Pre-party vain shot.

Fifteen Interesting Facts about ME:

1. I am 27. I am happily married for almost 4 years now and have two wonderful boys. 5 and one year olds.
2. Favorite color is Teal. Also love Pink and purple.
3. I am an Aquarius. YES. I am WEIRD.
4. What I do on my spare time? Watch my loved TV Shows. (Greys Anatomy, Community, Revenge, etc).
5. I also love watching Movies. Hubby loves it too, so that's what we normally do together.
6. No night outs for me. I'm a mom now, so I can't really. But i don't really want to. I'd very much like a couple of beers or a glass of wine at home though, just to chill.
7. I miss my friends! Ever since I had Mikel, my friends got busy with their own lives too. :(
8. I have sporadic moments of OCness. Meaning I am lazy some times, then suuper clean machine the next.
9. I now know how to cook! Not professional level. But I can say my Hubby loves my Porksteak, Salpicao and Squash Soup :)
10. I hate it when anybody talks down on me or bosses me around. If someone tells me not to go out (I didn't really plan on going out), I'd be tempted to leave.
11. I HATE GUNS! I get nervous around one, even if its not loaded.
12. Not into ANY sport. I'm kinda loving jogging though (to lose weight), but still sometimes I'm still making excuses not to, so nice to just lay in bed in the morning.
13. I've got a butterfly tattoo on my lower back (or what they call a tramp stamp - not that I am one haha) I don't regret having a tattoo, just wished I had thought of a better design. I'd get a tattoo once more if I find a prefect design.
14. I used to think I have a great singing voice, but I was wrong!
15. I look like I cannot hurt a fly, I am so nice and kind etc. i am some times, but there are time you don't want to get on my bad side. haha!