Sunday, August 12, 2012

PreBirthday Treats!

Mama Cay messaged us today, saying they were in Chowking (which is like a 2 min walk from our house), so we (Mikel and I) went there to meet them. Lucas was still sleeping so we had to leave him at home.
Well, it turns out they were going to our house coz they already bought Lucas their birthday gifts! A stroller! And a walker! From the Japan Selections Shop near Southland (our fave shop of all).

After, we (including Lucas and the hubby) went to Uniwide to look at plates, and then to another Japan shop (which only sells furnitures. Boo). Then back home again.

We got to test the "new" (2nd hand) stroller of Lucas. And I love it! It's just small and light. Perfect for malls!