Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When we were...

...Rico Yan and Angelica Panganiban! lol! kidding. :P

This was our first ever picture of each other :)
Taken in HSBC's core training room.. Back when we were dating :)
We were our Batch/Tranche's sweethearts/lovebirds/whatever you want to call it. Haha!
The Seminarian and the Fresh Grad. Hahahahaha!

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ღ Pinaymama ღsaid...

really? He's a seminarian? Naku sis! Nakuha siya sa tingin mo!!! hehehe...nice sweet photo sis!! thanks for joining!


Wow! You grabbed him straight from the seminary pala! hehehe

Nice sis! Para ka namang si Bea Alonzo eh!

Here's mine Weekly Fest: The Good 'Ole Days

Jerla Oh lalalasaid...

hot and neat photos you got here :)


hehehe wow.. haba ng hair mo, sis... even the Seminarian could not resist! :D

...and I agree with Z, you do look like Bea Alonzo. IMHO. :D


wag c rico yan, dedo na yun about Nico Palanca? and yea, you look like Bea Alonzo more than Angelika Panganiban..

sweet photo..

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Cute picture! I agree...Bea Alonzo look alike. :)

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