Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mikel wants THIS for his 1st birthday

Mikel wants used to want this!


He wants THIS:

But it's much more expensive. It costs around 8k php



I think I had something similar like that when I was younger (but that one looks cooler!)

I hope you get to buy one for Mikel. I know I liked it a lot when I was younger! Me & my brothers.

Pinay WAHMsaid...

Maybe you can try eBay? Di ba meron naman dyan eBay? Just a thought or do a search on Free Cycle...baka meron din dyan.

Happy Friday.

Juliana btw..I may have missed it but what happened to Mikel's nanny? Yung ayaw ibigay si Mikel sa iyo? hehe

Mommy Carasaid...

Hi! yeah already tried eBay. Wala sold na lahat ng ganun.

Oh the yaya... She overheard my Mom and I talking about her and she said she'll leave na. and she did. we just paid her for her 10-day service :)