Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I don't really cook, but I try.

Made Tuna Fettuccine for Lunch today. Well i used Spaghetti Noodles..so do I still call it Fettuccine? Haha! I'm so clueless with these kinds of things. I don't really belong in the kitchen.. I'm convincing myself that I do. hehe!

Anyway, Mikel (and my brother) loved my pasta! Wheew. I'm thankful nothing bad happend to the noodles cause today was the first time ever I tried cooking noodles for pasta. The sauce I've done once before (Mama Cay was the one who cooked the noodles last time).

Here are pictures:

More Pictures HERE



it sure looks appetizing! :)

Pinay Mommysaid...

your baby looks like he needs more of your cooking. number one fan mo yan! by the way, pwede pa LBC??

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oh! that's so cute! don't worry..cooking will come to you...

i hope it will come to me, too! hahaha my hubby's the cook :)

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Traipsey Turvey


wow, sarap ng eat ng baby...this is a very candid shot that your baby will surely treasure even when he grows old and gray


Nakakagana naman kumain with those pics of your baby. Hehe! I'm sure your "fettuccine" was heavenly!