Friday, May 30, 2008

Sporting a Red Ferrari

Went to Sm Southmall awhile ago to meet up with my sweetie's bestfriend Conrado and his wife Maricris and their daughter Bianca, kasama rin pala sister ni Maricris na si Karen. (just so you know they're from Riyadh, visit lang sila here Philippines for 3 weeks, tapos next year na ulit sila balik).

Nag Ice skating si Bianca. But of course si Mikel is too young for that pa so watch lang kami. Sweetie wanted to try sana (kasi never pa siyang nakapag ice skating...ever) pero next time na lang daw para kasama ako mag ice skating. Haha! I foresee a ice skating date in the near future. lol

Then while waiting for Bianca to finish mag iceskate eh nagpunta kami sa mga pang kids na rides, and nag picture tripping.

So serious baby driver

Tama ba? Ferrari nga ba? I'm so clueless na with car models haha!

Mikel with Maricris and Conrado

More Pictures HERE