Monday, May 12, 2008


So Mother's Day is over (meaning my chance for a special day is over too).

It's not that today isn't special for me. It is. I got to be reminded how important being a mother is. How important I am being a mother to my Mikel. Without me then I don't think my "hubby" and my son will survive (ok, survive is such a strong word, how about function well?).

Don't get me wrong, My Hubby is wonderful with Mikel (actually ako nga yung mas madaling mafrustrate hehe). Thing is he's over protective, over maalagain, over maawain, over whatever. Me naman I'm a bit careless at times (well not really, I just seem like that, but the truth is I CARE so much, as much as my hubby cares rin but we have different ways of showing it lang). Lets just say we make a great team with Mikel. We balance each other out haha. And the reason I say they can't function well without me is because I know Mikel. I know our routine by heart. Hubby likes to do things his way (I don't blame him), but when doing it his way eh kelangan niya ko to clean up his mess (even if he denies it pa). Like he would need to reheat water for Mikel's bath cause nalagyan niya ng daming soap (bubbles) yung water sa tub, and he wanted to rinse Mikel with clear water (So I do the reheating).


When I hear MOTHER's DAY, I think of a relaxing day at the Spa or a Day out for Mommy sa Mall, etc. But what happened today? -Not Much..

Just.. Cleaning of Poopoo (Like 5 times before noon..Mikel has diarrhea kasi), Doing the Laundry as well as sampay and fold (I don't iron all the clothes kasi), Sterilizing, And doing nothing after that.

Well, I guess that's being a Mommy. And this day wouldn't have been without these Stuff we do as Mommies.

I even whined about not getting any gift from my Hubby today, which I later realized that he's not really the gift giving type and that he makes me feel special everyday so that makes up for the giftless Birthdays, Valentines and Other Special Days (Oh did I mention that we don't even celebrate Anniversaries, what more Monthsaries haha). He takes me out shopping naman if I want to, he's just not into surprise gifts or anything like that. He would just ask me what I want and we'll go buy it together haha! And besides, it's the son/daughter who give gifts to Mommies on Mother's day anyway. Haha so silly me for being such a whiner.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much on my 1st ever Mother's day.

BTW, We're going to SM naman tomorrow (maybe). I asked for it kasi before hubby left. I said If wala na diarrhea si Mikel we should go out (kahit pasyal lang sa mall for awhile) cause I am sick of being stuck at home.
And he agreed. :D
So My "Mother's Day" is special after all, At least I got to extend it til tomorrow haha!

Thanks to everyone who greeted me on this special day! And if I forgot to greet you.. then Happy Mother's Day to you my Mommy friend! hehe!