Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mikel can Read na (I wish!) hehe

Read "Ernie and Bert's New Kitten" to Mikel awhile ago. He was really listening and may side comments pa (Babbling as if talking talaga haha). So I gave him the book after.

Here are some pics:

You can check the pics here



He is so cute! How old is he? My baby just eats the books, that or he pounds on them endlessly [ he can't quite turn the pages yet]


Mommy Carasaid...

Hi Maria! My Baby's 9 months old. Turning 10months on the 12th of April.. Well my baby had the help of the electric fan to turn the pages! Hahahaha!


its good to see him interested in books at an early age. he'll go a long way. go mikel! :)