Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a Hot Momma (well, trying to be)

After I gave birth I really couldn't fit in any of my old clothes. And I really didn't care about myself too much. I don't anymore put makeup, I don't brush my hair, I don't wear perfume/cologne. I just shower and put on jeans and a shirt and I'm off. I really dedicated all my time to my baby boy.

But when I got a Yaya (Nanny), I got myself a haircut (which made me look thinner and younger daw), and felt like giving myself some time and effort again. So now I brush my hair, I try to remember to wear perfume when I go out, I put a lil makeup on and I take some time to clean my nails haha!

Even now that I have no yaya anymore, I still do those things coz I might regret not trying to be pretty for my hubby. (so that he won't go looking around for other options).

Also I try not to over eat and I try to move around a lot so I would get a little exercise naman. I don't know my actual weight then and now, but I became thinner naman daw. Buti naman! :)