Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yey to SM, Nay to SA.

Good Evening Everyone!

We went to SM Sucat today!

We finally bought Mikel a Highchair.. The same one I've been eyeing on in SM Southmall. It was 2,100pesos I think, I don't really remember cause Mama Cay was the one who bought it with Lola-Ninang's money! Hehe! So, Thanks Ninang! :D

We also bought an inflatable swimming pool and Salbabida for Mikel! I'm so excited to try it out na! (I'll post pics promise)

Also bought a shirt for Mikel from Gingersnaps! I love love love that store! When I'm there I sometimes wish I have a daughter cause all the girls clothes there are so cute and stylish!

After SM, we dropped by Lola Meng's. Ninang Denise, Lola Mariel, Lolo VicVic, Tito Nigel, Tito Patrick, Tito Martin and Krystle were there, and they all were excited to see Mikel. But Mikel had has Stranger Anxiety so he cried and cried while we were there. Inaasar pa lalo ni Tito Vicvic so just when he was about to calm down na eh magccry na naman ulit. When will this Stranger Anxiety pass kaya? Should I expose him to people more often ba?

Anyway, Here are pics from today:

Mikel in his Big New Yellow Highchair!

Mikel (pabaliktad maglakad) in walker (that he'll never have)

Mikel pinagtripan ni Mommy again!

On the way home na (Mommy and Mikel)

Til my next post!