Saturday, March 29, 2008

We'll be back, cute lil chinese girl

Mikel and I made pasyal around the village today (and yesterday). I plan to do it everyday so it would be exercise for me as well. no pics cause I forgot to bring the cam and kahiya naman to take cell pics of other people kasi haha!

We ate Halo halo sa kabilang street (ako lang kumain haha) and there was this cute lil chinese looking girl naka pang chinese costume pa! sooo cute! They touched each other's face kaaliw! The chinese girl's so cute she got Mike's Milk bottle at the back of the stroller and gave it to Mikel! Haha!
Will drop by that Halohalo place again tomorrow! haha Tataba ako neto eh lol!



Its a good blog, i hope when your child is ready to see it he will love it. Blog on, thanks

Mommy Carasaid...

Hi! Thanks! I am excited for my baby to see and appreciate this blog! :D