Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kiss for my Mikel :-*

Good Evening Everyone!

Let me Recap our day for all you readers out there...

Bad Start
Mikel kept on crying and crying and nothing I did made it stop (turned on playhouse disney, tried all his toys, gave him biscuits) The only thing that did was when I put him in his highchair and gave him apple juice! Is it the high chair or the apple juice? I don't know. He's still my spoiled little Apple Juice Loving Spaghetti Monster! I'm thinking of making Spaghetti and Apple juice as the only two things I serve for his 1st Birthday! Haha!

Weird how he drinks his Apple juice

Afternoon Laugh
Afternoon came, His Daddy was here na rin. As usual Daddy tried to make Mikel laugh, and he succeeded. How? By Throwing ABC and 123 Blocks at Mikel! Yep! You read it right. But don't be alarmed, it's the soft kind naman, as in super soft and super light so nothing to worry about. Haha!

Aliw na aliw si mikel

Now playing with the rosary

playing with the blocks

Trike Ride Pasyal
Went with Mama Cay to D' Leisure Spa and Resort (to check out the place, cause we plan to go there sometime). It's near our place lang but we still had to take the tricycle. Mikel enjoyed the ride as usual. He loves Trike rides and most of the time he falls asleep pa.

He slept at around 7 or 7:30pm

And Now...

He's awake!

Di ko lang pinapansin, cause if I do he'll make reklamo again. He's just busy watching me type this and occasionally looking at the TV (naka-mute). Haaay. He's so cute cause when I glance over at him he flashes me a smile! Must resist temptation to kiss him!

Grrr kagigel ka Mikel! Mwah! :-*