Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Our Not So "Easter-y" Sunday

How was everyone's Easter?

I'd like to say that we had a great time cause Mikel went swimming and we had a party here at home (on Saturday)

but can't. Why?

Lolo Bob had a Mild Stroke last Saturday during the party. Well we didn't really know it was a mild stroke. He was complaining about not being able to feel half of his body. He's in the hospital now but with high blood pressure still. Anyway don't wanna blog too much about it. Just pray for recovery of my Stepdad so he can come from the hospital and start Physical Therapy already.

Mama Cay has been having high BP also cause of Lolo Bob's hospitalization. So I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

And Mikel has been cranky rin these past few days. And making popo like 4 times a day! We're suspecting new tooth/teeth erupting.

Haay, I need to get some ZZZ's!

Some pics: