Sunday, March 16, 2008

I love my Spaghetti Monster!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Eventhough I slept late last night and Woke up a bit early today, I had a great morning!
Mikel didn't do his reklamo cries.
We ate breakfast. We played. We bonded hehe!

At lunch, We had tropical hut delivered.
Mikel ate Spaghetti! (no pics nga eh sayang)
Pero ang dami niyang kinain! Like 1/3 of the Spaghetti ata! I can't imagine how it all fit in his lil tummy!

Reaching for Mama Cay's Spring Chicken

We didn't get to hear mass this morning or afternoon cause of the Pacman fight. (Masyadong aliw si Hubby eh) So baka mamayang gabi na lang.

Mikel is sleeping now (that's why I'm able to write this blog). I hope He's comfy, super inet kasi today!

Nakabukas pa yung mouth

Ciao! Til my next post!



Sobrang init na nga ngayon :( Summer na talaga :)

Ang cute talaga ng baby mo hihi